Unmatched Real Estate Database

We maintain the most accurate and up-to-date database on all real estate activity in Jackson Hole. With 40+ years of data at our fngertips, we can track the trends and help guide achieve your goals.

Unique Daily Real Estate Broadcast

We maintain the only daily real estate computer search that emails hundreds of buyers the day your property is listed, giving them quick access to photos and information about your property.

Highly Effective Print Marketing

christie’s international real estate magazine: Rich with striking photography, elegant design, and engaging descriptions, the Christie’s International Real Estate magazine is a keepsake publication. Produced four times a year, the magazine reaches approximately one million readers annually. A targeted mailing list ensures that each issue is sent to individuals of exceptional means, including the world’s wealthiest homeowners, international entrepreneurs, business leaders, and celebrities

JHRE Associates Catalog

Published twice annually, this catalogue features a comprehensive listing of JHRE Associates active inventory. Annual circulation is over 100,000 in both digital and print media.

Homes & Land Magazine

The most widely distributed local real estate magazine in the Yellowstone Eco System with hundreds of locations reaching thousands of buyers.

Jackson Hole News & Guide

JHRE Associates offers guaranteed placement on the back page of the Weekly JH News & Guide in the “Valley” section, reaching 4+ million of visitors a year.


We produce full color brochures to distinguish your property from the competition.